It is a great pleasure for us to assist you, clearing all your doubts about our company, services and products. Below you will find the answers for the most common questions made by our clients.

Do you have the DropShipping Option?

Definitely Yes. Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in retail businesses, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.

Some drop shipping retailers may keep “display items” on display in stores, so that customers can inspect an item similar to those that they can purchase. Other retailers may provide only a catalogue or website of their products .

Retailers that drop ship merchandise from wholesalers may take measures to hide this fact to avoid any stigma, or to keep the wholesale source from becoming widely known. This can be achieved by “blind shipping” (shipping merchandise without a return address), or “private label shipping” (having merchandise shipped from the wholesaler with a return address customized to the retailer). A customized packing slip may also be included by the wholesaler, indicating the retailer’s company name, logo, and/or contact information.

Drop shipping can occur when a small retailer who typically sells in small quantities to the general public receives a single large order for a product. Rather than route the shipment through the retail store, the retailer may arrange for the goods to be shipped directly to the customer. Drop shipping is also very common with big ticket items like steel buildings where the retailer will take a deposit and have the building shipped direct to the buyer’s building site from the supplier’s manufacturing facility.

Major drop shipping suppliers and fulfillment services are primarily based in the USA.

Two significant benefits of drop shipping are the elimination of upfront inventory and a positive cash-flow cycle. A positive cash flow cycle occurs because the seller is paid when the purchase is made. The seller usually pays the wholesaler using a credit card or credit terms. Therefore, there is a period of time in which the seller has the customer’s money, but has not yet paid the wholesaler.

Drop shipping also eliminates some duplication of effort, since only one warehouse will pick, pack and ship the product. This approach can reduce total inventory management and shipping costs. These cost reductions can subsequently reduce the price to the consumer

What are the requirements for making my first perfume purchase?

  • Email or fax the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your company or business’ address and phone number.
  • In case you’re not a business owner, home addresses and telephone numbers (including mobile).
  • If you live outside the United States, facilitate the Commercial Register of the Company, better known as RIF. (in case of being a business owner)
  • And if you live within the United States and owning a Company, facilitate the Tax ID better known as Tax ID number.
  • Next, send your order. Our price list also functions as an order form, you can find at the bottom of the list a set of instructions explaining how place your order.

What is the minimum order?

Wholesale orders start from $ 500. For smaller orders, CLICK HERE.

Can I buy less than $500 ?

Wholesale orders start from $ 500. For smaller orders,  click here.

Do I pay taxes on the purchase?

When you order perfumes from your home country and can show your order leaves the United States, giving us the courier receipt. This receipt must be under your name or company name and this way we do not charge the Taxes. In case you live within the United States and have a registered company, you must give us your Tax ID number and we can remove the Taxes. Otherwise, we have to charge the taxes. 

Can I validate an invoice with another currency other than dollars?

Venezuela’s customers who do not have U.S. Dollars have the option to pay in Bs F (strong bolivars) directly into Venezuela at the daily exchange rate. All other customers must disburse their order, only in dollars either in cash or by deposit and / or Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer).

The essential information such as bank account holder, the account number, etc.. will be provided once the client send the order and it complies with the order requirements.

What are the forms of payment available ?

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank Deposit
  • Cashier check (cashier check)
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and / or Discover.
  • We do not accept cash payments.
  • We take payments by phone

Is there a further discount when I make the purchase?

If we offer discounts, this is going to depend on the volume of your order, but we want to mention that all prices are negotiable.

After validating the bill for my order, what is the next step?

After validating the Perfumes order, this it’s passed to the Packaging Department, who will proceed to prepare and deliver to the courier company or to the postal address of your choice.

Where can I deliver my merchandise?

We don’t directly offer the shipping service, but if you don’t know any delivery company, we can provide a list of courier companies so you can contact them and talk with them about your shipment, costs, delivery time, if it’s door to door, if there is a minimum order requirement, how long it takes to get to your destination and the whole process involved.

The client must pay for the order prior to the merchandise dispatch. We do not deliver with the option: pay at delivery.

The information provided above is a mere recommendation, the final decision rests with the customer and it’s the customer who has the full responsibility for his choice. We are not responsible for the shipping method, for the negotiations that the client establishes with the transport company or for the terms they agree. In the same way, it’s understood that we do not have any commercial or personal relationship with the aforementioned businesses, these companies are independent companies. Our company is solely responsible for the sale of the perfumes and it’s the client who hires the transport company, taking all the transport responsibilities away from the company DESIMA PERFUMES, LLC. 

Do you have offices outside the United States or outside the city of Miami?

DESIMA PERFUMES LLC, is a company located in Miami – Florida (for the exact address, go to the CONTACT section), specifically in the area of Hialeah. We do not have offices or stores in any other location.

Can I pick up my order in person?

If you wish to pick up your merchandise personally, you may come to our offices in Miami city and you’ll be thrilled to personally and immediately pick up your merchandise.

In case you can’t personally pick up your merchandise, the way we work is as follows:

  • You place an order using one of our order forms for retail or for wholesale, depending on the size of your purchase, or if you like you can do so by telephone. (The aforementioned form is attached to the price list you received or will receive soon). In case you don’t understand the use of this form, in the same list you’ll find a tab with an Explanatory Manual for using the price list and the order form.
  • Once the order is completed, you have to send it via email to and we will respond within 24 hours to confirm your order.
  • Once you receive the confirmation of your order, we would be waiting for your payment that should be made within 48 hours, and then we’ll proceed to it’s dispatch. 

Do you have a perfume catalog?

Yes, we have a Perfumes catalog; the cost is $ 6.00 and can be sent when you make your first purchase, assuming you reside outside the United States. But if you live within the United States, we can send it by mail or UPS.

Are the perfumes original ?

All perfumes that we sell are 100% original.

How long does it take to pack the goods?

It’s important for you to know that once finalized the order, this is passed to the Packaging Department, it’s assigned a delivery order number, and so it will be packed. Now, on high demand seasons (such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) we suggest that you try to make your order at least two (2) weeks in advance to avoid any possible delays and to make sure it arrives in good time to your country of destination.

Do you offer any free samples?

Previously, the Perfumes Distribution houses used to gift us the samples, but today they sell them to us and unfortunately we can not gift many samples, but we do try to offer the available ones, however we must emphasize that we don’t have samples for all the existing perfumes. 

What is a tester?

The Testers are perfumes that come in a different presentation to the original. Although the fragrance is the same, the cost of the tester is cheaper than the cost of the perfume that comes in its original presentation, because the testers are used for giving customers the opportunity to try and to smell the fragrance.

Do you sell testers?

Yes, we do sell Testers; you can see them in the Perfumes Price List that we provide by email.

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Legend of Measurement and Symbols